Corporate Tax, Estate Planning & Generational Asset Transfer

Effective estate planning can help to reduce or eliminate estate taxes when assets transfer from one generation to the next.  Unfortunately quite often the executor is left paying a great deal of tax to the federal government. By implementing an efficient estate plan, we can help to ensure a smooth transfer, with minimal taxes and delays.

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Shareholder Agreement Funding Strategies

Buy-Sell Insurance
You’ve built a business to be proud of and you want to be sure that the rewards of your hard work are protected regardless of untimely death, critical illness or retirement. In the event of unforeseen tragedy a buy-sell agreement can provide for suitable transfer of ownership to your chosen successors  – be it a family member or business partner  – as well as protection of assets. By creating a complete business continuation plan, we can ensure the continuation of your business – and your legacy.

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Creditor & Key Person Life Insurance

While every company is a sum of its parts, chances are there are certain executive-level employees whose part is more integral than others. Their sudden absence due to a critical illness, disability or even death could provoke catastrophic instability in your business at all levels, both internally and externally.

With key person life insurance, we can provide your company with the financial support needed during a crisis in leadership, ensuring consistency, restoring confidence, and helping you prepare for the next steps of rehabilitation.

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Critical Illness

Protecting your Business
Critical illness insurance provides cost-effective critical illness protection for key team members/business owners.  It can fund a buy-sell agreement in the event one owner can’t continue in the business due to illness, satisfies the requirements of creditors for business loan protection and mitigates the disruption that can follow the serious illness of a key person, such as reduced productivity or recruiting and retaining replacement, by using the lump-sum as working capital.

Protecting Yourself
We may be fortunate to have a universal healthcare system here in Canada but the mistake many people make is believing that system will cover all the costly treatments, medications, tests and other expenses that you may need to survive a critical illness. The other mistake people make is believing it will never happen to them. With critical illness insurance you can be assured you’ll get the financial support you need to replace a loss of income, to access necessary treatments, and to concentrate on recovery.

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Group Retirement Savings Plans

Corporate Savings Plans, Pension Plans & Group RSP’s
People work hard for their money. They work even harder trying to save for retirement. That’s why it’s imperative that both employer and employee contributions to group pension plans and RRSPs are invested appropriately. Our on-site, one-on-one consultation with employees will address their individual retirement targets and ensure that their financial strategy is in line with their risk tolerance. We will help to create a strong financial plan for your employees that can be modified according to their current and future position. It’s about managing expectations, allowing for change, and keeping goals in focus.

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Group Medical & Dental Plans

Happy, healthy employees are critical to the success of your company. If you want to attract, reward and retain quality employees, it’s essential you offer medical and dental benefits that meet their needs – and yours. Regardless of the size of your group, we can customize a cost-effective benefits plan that will make for a productive, positive workplace and bottom line. When it comes to your employees, this is an investment you can’t afford not to make.

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Income Replacement Programs

Long Term Disability Benefits
You can’t predict the future but you can be prepared for whatever the future might bring. The right insurance products such as life, disability, overhead, long-term care and critical illness insurance can ensure that your operational expenses, your employees, and their families are protected with income replacement in the event of illness or disability. We’ll help you prepare for the unknown with a plan of stability for your business and your employees in what can often be a very unstable world.

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Insurance products (including segregated funds) are offered through multiple insurance carriers.

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